Consultancy and Training

We have a range of training relating to Advocacy, Mental Health, Community Care and Support, Cultural Competency, Culturally Appropriate Advocacy, Delivering Advocacy as well as a wide range of training we provide in conjunction with our partners which are listed below the training can be made bespoke for your organisation where possible.

Our consultancy service is focused on a number of different areas and the main aim is to help Local Authorities, NHS Trusts, private  and voluntary sector groups to be aware of the needs of people from ethnic minorities through our training and consultancy. These can be provided individually or in conjunction with each other to provide a cultural awareness and competency training with the follow up support of the consultancy to advise the organisation.

To provide a holistic approach to our consultancy provision we work with our partners to include many other aspects of expertise around mental health, independent social work, trans-cultural psychiatry, psychiatry and other areas.

These include services for:

  • Older Adults
  • Learning disability
  • Autism & Asperger Syndrome
  • Criminal Justice
  • Complex Care
  • Dispute Resolution Assessments
  • Substance Use
  • Advisory and Consultancy on Residential Care Placements
  • Quality Assurance & Value Money for Audits
  • Best Interests BIA
  • Independent Social Work Assessments
  • Reports to Mental Health Tribunals, Hospital Managers, Judicial Reviews & Dispute resolution
  • Independent review of Learning Disability and Autism services
  • Forensic Services - Independent Assessments & Reports
  • Preparation of Development & Policy Services
  • Governance, Structures and Framework

Specialist Consultancy Services

  • Business and training needs analysis
  • Project management and development
  • Adult safeguarding consultation and investigation
  • Service user advocacy and representation
  • Coaching and Mentoring in the workplace
  • Mental and Emotional well-being of staff and personnel
  • Workforce development and education
  • Improving the efficacy of staff teams


The training can be made bespoke for your organisation where possible.

Culturally Appropriate Advocacy

The aim of this training is to help advocates understand what they need to think about when they work with people who have a culturally diverse ethnic background. 

There are many differences people have and we will help you to find better ways of working with people who need help to work within the system and bring them and the system closer together to deliver better outcomes for them and even the professionals involved with them.

Cultural Awareness and Competency

This training is aimed developing the approach to working with people from culturally diverse backgrounds. 

While some of the training is based on providing an understanding of the Equality Act and Equality duty placed on organisations we will look at some cultural concepts and what the best approach would be to achieve a better way of working with people from different cultures.

Introduction to Mental Health Act

The Introduction to the Mental Health Act provides a starting point to understanding the law around sectioning and the way services use the act.

It also looks at what the rights of the person who has been sectioned and what their rights are when involved within the Mental Health Act.

This will include the right to appeal hospital detention, the different sections under part 2 of the act, role of the nearest relative, options of discharge and aftercare to the community including CTO (Community Treatment Orders) and how the Mental Health Act Code of Practice works with the Mental Health Act.

Additional Training 

The training can be made bespoke for your organisation where possible.












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  • Understanding and working with those who use Substances
  • Down syndrome the facts
  • Autism Awareness Training for Parents
  • Introduction to Personality Disorders
  • Introduction to syndromes associated with learning disability
  • Introduction to Mental Capacity Act 2005
  • Introduction to DoLS