Welcome to Independent Advocacy

The services we provide are not just stand alone they are complementary to each other and can be used together to create better outcomes for all clients, from self funding clients who just want an advocate for a single meeting to an organisation who want to develop a package of advocacy, training, consultancy and cultural awareness to achieve a better practice approach in their service delivery. 

We provide professional issue based advocacy services which are able to work with all people but particularly those who have found they are unable to use or are ineligible to access the advocacy commissioned in their local area. 

Our advocacy can be commissioned by Local Authorities, CCGs and NHS Trusts but can also be self funded.


Our training is based on both the experience and expertise we have from the work we do in Mental Health, Community Care and Support (Care Act), Advocacy and Culturally Appropriate Services, Awareness and Competency, 

The training will enable you to understand the requirements and provisions that are put in place by legislation and guidance in these areas.




Our consultancy is aimed at you. Whether you are an individual or an organisation we will help you deliver a better level of practice in your service delivery.

We offer the consultancy service as a stand alone service but can be developed as part of a holistic package with our other services and to incorporate our partners expertise in addition to that.

The package is based on your needs and will be constructed accordingly. 

Cultural competency is one of the key elements of what we provide through all the work we do. 

We provide culturally appropriate advocacy and training, cultural awareness and competency training and training in other areas that will incorporate the ethos and include anti- discrimination, anti- oppressive and inappropriate practices. 

our aim is to support organisations and help them understand how people see things from there perspective and background and be able to work with them more effectively.